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Incofin cvso was born from the urge and desire of specialists from ngos and the banking world to bring about sustainable change without having to depend on donations or government budgets. From below. For the past 25 years already we have committed ourselves to successful social investment projects. Today we have over 60 independent professionals at home and abroad.

Our organization is centrally managed from Belgium by an autonomous management team and a Board of Directors, and is locally present wherever it is needed. Our experts have ample experience with microfinance and maintain relations with investors all over the world. Thanks to their enthusiastic approach, their involvement and their personal contacts with the organizations in which Incofin cvso invests, they make a big difference. All of this is possible only thanks to the 2,570 shareholders making an indispensable contribution.

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“Development grows from the enthusiasm of people.”

Frans Verheeke

Chairman of Incofin

Board of Directors

Incofin cvso has a highly committed Board of Directors. The Board consists of representatives designated by the shareholders: founders, private persons, banks, companies and non-profit organizations. The directors meet at least three times a year. They determine and guard Incofin cvso’s mission, during each meeting they inspect the financial figures, and they outline the strategy and the policy – including the investment policy – for the future. Every two years the directors organize a two-day seminar to evaluate the course steered by Incofin cvso and to adjust it if necessary.

Investment committee

Within the Board of Directors, the specific investment decisions are taken by the investment committee. This committee unites directors who are highly familiar with the specific microfinance risks and environment. The Investment Committee examines and assesses the investment proposals made by the management team. The ultimate investment decisions are taken independently by the investment committee. The investment committee meets every month.

Audit committee

Apart from this also an audit committee, likewise composed of directors, vouches for the correctness of the financial statements of Incofin cvso.

Loïc De Cannière


Geert Peetermans

Chief Investment Officer

Paul Buysens

Chief Operating Officer

Dina Pons

Managing Partner

David Dewez

Managing Partner

Aditya Bhandari

Co-Head Asia Region

Noémie Renier

Head of Debt and Partner

Serkan Alhan

General Counsel en Partner

Jan Dewijngaert

Jan Dewijngaert

Director Private Equity EECA

Jorgen Muylaert

Communications Associate

Valérie Brouwers

Group Controller

Viktoria Popova

Head of Technical Assistance

Achim Deviaene

Head of Treasury Operations


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