Together with our socially active shareholders, we support almost 3,200,000 enterprising people worldwide!

“We already successfully invest from Ecuador to Indonesia. But we aim to go beyond those borders. There is so much yet to be done.”

Geert Peetermans

Co-CEO Incofin

No castles in the air but tangible, favourable results

The entrepreneurs you support through Incofin cvso have a dream. They are brave people. They can and want to grow. All they need is a financial boost. A microfinance institution lends them a small sum of money. An investment credit for a vehicle, livestock, plants or a workshop for instance, can make the difference for a whole family or even a whole community. Together we stand strong is no empty slogan to us. The enthusiasm of local farmers, shopkeepers and producers in developing countries plus your investment with a heart plus the dedication of our staff makes a whole lot possible.

People are more important than money

The direct impact on the quality of life and the possibilities for growth and development are the elements that determine whether a particular organization is a good investment for Incofin cvso. For this, we go where few others go – Haiti for instance, with partner ACME, and Palestine, with partner Faten. In many cases we are the first external investor. That was the case in Bina Artha Ventura in Indonesia, among others. And we stay even when things get difficult, like we did in Kenya and Congo.

A better life for the next generation

Together we bring hope, even in uncertain times and in less evident places. And that has a positive effect across the generations: a greater ability to cope and a higher standard of living. When a microcompany grows with a microcredit, this means a better income for the family. It gives more financial scope to pay the school money, which in turn leads to more chances of a better future. Also for enterprising women. Sometimes the whole village benefits thanks to the extra jobs that are created.

Stimulate fair trade

Incofin is one of the founding shareholders of the Fairtrade Access Fund. This fund gives small farmers better access to the markets and also finances long-term investments by cooperatives in infrastructure, machinery, plantings… The fair trade farmers organizations are active in sixteen countries and grow ten different crops including coffee, cocoa, and quinoa.

Help us bring change

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