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  • You support micro-entrepreneurs all over the world
  • You enjoy a direct financial benefit
  • You help to make the local institutions stronger

Invest in driven entrepeneurs and yourself.
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“Change comes from below and by taking action. This is your chance!”

“Equality. Fair chances. Sustainability. People talk of nothing else these days. But now it is time to act. One of the things you can do is invest in safe securities that still yield a return and at the same time lend a helping hand to enterprising people in developing countries. If you – like our more than 2.228 shareholders – help to back up our microcredits, you will enjoy both a financial and a social return. Together we make the entrepreneurial dreams of brave and creative men and women come true in areas where financial support, confidence and specific advice are not self-evident. Promising results, that is what we aim for. Welcome to Incofin cvso.”

Dina Pons

Co-responsable Asie & Impact Manager Incofin

Incofin cvso, the flag that covers a magnificent cargo

You don’t care for vague abbreviations? Neither do we. But writing ‘cooperative company with social purpose’ (in Dutch: coöperatieve vennootschap met sociaal oogmerk (in short: cvso) in full every time takes up too much space which we prefer to use for more interesting things. Through our cooperative company with social purpose – which we will call ‘cvso’ from now on – you do something good for yourself and for microcompanies in developing countries.

Globally, over two billion adults only have limited access or no access at all to financial services. Many of them are making plans to take matters into their own hands to build a better future. But setting up or expanding a business is often not possible without credit. Furthermore, those people aim to find a job or are working in less evident economic, geographic, social or political circumstances … In other words, to stand a good chance of success, it takes more than just negotiating a loan to set up or expand a business.

Through our 44 local financial partners we provide 4.6 million purpose-driven micro-entrepreneurs with sound advice, practical experience, company visits, training, etc. That way we give them something extra to grasp hold of as well as confidence, and we can be sure that they have the required knowledge, dedication and sense of responsibility. Our goal: reach and help as many people as possible with a low income, and guarantee the sustainability of projects. That is why, in addition to financing, we offer our financial partners also customized technical support.

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Six heartwarming testimonies

Six heartwarming testimonies

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Valuable technical support for our financial partners

In this rapidly evolving world also our financial partners in developing countries themselves draw benefit from customized support. Every year Incofin cvso sets aside 100,000 Euros for technical assistance.

Here, we call on microfinance experts. They share their knowledge with the staff and make sure that the latter use and keep using it in an efficient manner. Thanks to our specific technical assistance, microfinance institutions and socially committed banks are better able to help more people with a low income.

We have been helping hardworking people to build
a better future for 25 years already.
Today we do so in 30 countries. Are you ready to join us?

This is why we stand stronger together

Incofin cvso is a Belgian investment fund with ample international experience and with the heart in the right place. Thanks to our local investment teams we know exactly where your money is going to and what is done with it. We regularly keep you informed and – in addition to the satisfaction of doing something good along with many others – you can get as a shareholder an annual dividend. The dividends from the past are no guarantee for the future.

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You support micro-entrepreneurs all over the world

A financial boost can make the difference for a complete family or even an entire community.




You enjoy a direct financial benefit

Five percent tax relief on your investment. Plus a reasonable dividend, of which up to a possible 800 euro dividend is free of withholding tax.




You help to make the local institutions stronger

We co-finance expert projects that help our local financial partners to get even stronger and more sustainable.