“Confianza grew from less than 40 employees to more than 2000.”

Here we could truly fulfil our ambitions. Support a business with a management team that knows how to set about its work and that offers its clients affordable, high-quality products and a top service. For me, it was a privilege to be part of Confianza’s board of management in my capacity as director for seven years. Apart from the growth of the client base, I am also very pleased with and proud of the successful scalable business model thanks to which Confianza grew from less than 40 employees to more than 2000.

Geert Peetermans

Chief Investment Officer Incofin

I have a carpentry and agro tourism business, and I top up my income with farming and cattle breeding. I want to make a success of what I do. I know that I can do it. But until 2013 I could not find any financial institution that was willing to finance my projects… Or they were so far away that I would lose many precious working hours, or the demands they made were extremely high, or they could only lend me one-fifth of the sum I needed.

Then I came into contact with Financiera Confianza. A bank having the word ‘confidence’ as its name?!? Now I know that they do have confidence in me, and that is why I trust them too. I am considered an entrepreneur and am respected as such. I live in an area that is difficult to reach and yet the persons responsible for the granting of credits personally pay me a visit. That follow-up is extremely useful. They ask what you do, where you work, what you have invested in and how. And if you do not quite understand them, they start speaking Quechua, my mother tongue.

It is thanks to Financiera Confianza that I could improve my workplace and begin to breed more sheep. I sell the animals at agricultural fairs in my area. Now that the business is up and running, I also dream of making bricks and tiles in my workshop, using the clayey soil from the region where I live.

And I have many more ideas to build a better future for my family. Three of my four children have graduated from university already. It is the first generation in my family that had the chance to go to university … Meanwhile my son Eliseo works for Financiera Confianza as a Microfinance Analyst. It just shows how inspired he was by their approach.


Quintin, 54 years old

Financiera Confianza, more than worth the trust

Financiera Confianza S.A.A. was founded in 1998 by ngo Separ, having as social mission: to make microcredit available in the inland parts of Peru.

Thanks to the investment and the advice of Incofin cvso, this small regional microfinance institution developed into a national non-bank financial institution (NBFI) in 14 years’ time, serving nearly half a million clients today.

Financiera Confianza offers a wide range of credit products including microcredit, agricultural financing (21 %), educational credits and housing.

Incofin cvso has been one of the first investors since 2003. The successful exit was announced towards the end of May 2017.

Martin Antonio Naranjo Landerer has been the General Manager since May 2012.

Key figures December 2016

  • Total number of clients: 468,902
  • Number of credit clients: 212,134, 51 % of which are economically vulnerable, 16 % are poor and 3 % are extremely poor
  • Average loan size: 1,973 PEN (516 Euros)
  • Percentage of female clients: 50 %
  • Clients in rural areas: 25 %



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