Incofin cvso starts program to promote women leadership

June 16, 2023

Incofin cvso is launching a new Technical Assistance project to promote women in leadership roles. The “Female Leadership” programme is a training programme for female executives from partner organisations of Incofin cvso. In this first phase, the programme will start with about 10 Asian executives. The ambition is to expand this programme to other regions in the future.



  • Incofin strives for greater gender equality.
  • Many studies show that a better gender balance in the leadership of organisations leads to better financial performance and more impact. More diverse teams are more innovative and better at solving problems.
  • The ultimate goal is to see more advance to senior management and Boards of Directors at our partner organisations.


Programme to boost female executives’ confidence and skills.


  • Six-month training programme
  • Focus on communication , leadership and management skills
  • Networking platform to share challenges and opportunities
  • Personal coaching through individual coaching sessions

Head of Technical Assistance at Incofin, Viktoria Popova, sums it up briefly.