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“The technical support provided by Incofin cvso is our added value.”

Our technical support to microfinance clients attests to a highly social approach. We look at what is good for our clients. We help them improve their performances as well as the living conditions of small entrepreneurs in developing countries. We particularly focus on smaller and more vulnerable institutions such as FATEN in Palestine. The risks are much higher here due to the unstable circumstances in the conflict area. But just because of this it is crucial that we provide technical support in addition to our financial support. Our guidance makes the opening of 11 new offices possible, leading to a better accessibility to smaller villages and refugee camps.

Viktoria Popova

Technical Assistance Manager Incofin

Living in unstable circumstances in a conflict area creates considerable financial insecurity. And it is precisely this security that is so important for the ability to cope, for the quality of life, and for chances of a better future. In 1995 the international ngo Save The Children founded microfinance institution FATEN. ‘Palestine for Credit and Development’ is the baseline. And this is where FATEN is extremely successful. Vulnerable households and micro-entrepreneurs in Palestine easily contact them for sound advice and decent financial solutions.

FATEN also has a solidarity fund which protects the wages of borrowers that are physically affected by the war. In addition it supports several good cause projects in the region, including the Basmat Amal Childhood Cancer Society and the Al-Beireh Association for the blind and the partially sighted.

In 2016 Incofin cvso entered into a partnership with FATEN, making it possible for the microfinance institution to work on an increase in scale in a responsible manner. It is partly thanks to our financing and guidance that 11 new service points were established near small villages and refugee camps. As a result, 60 people found employment.

This technical assistance project for expansion proved to be a success thanks to two important operations.

  1. An independent analysis of the social and financial results achieved by FATEN showed the strong and weak points. On the basis of this analysis the institution could elaborate a concrete phased plan aiming at sustainable and client-oriented growth.
  2. Strengthen FATEN’s human resources department, making sure that the human capital of the institution is managed and used in a better and more efficient manner. This is done, among other things, by recruiting the right persons and by providing useful training and stimulating support.

From this strengthened basis FATEN can contribute more than ever to social and economic change in the Gaza strip.


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