I am a dairy farmer. Today things are going well, but it has not always been like that. In the beginning, I did not always have the money to give my cattle clean drinking water and to provide them with shelter. Thanks to a loan from Namdev, I got the means not only to take better care of my cattle, but also to expand and buy more animals. Today, I trade not only milk but also wool. Recently, I have also employed two people from the village I live in.

Umila Devi

Namdev India

According to the World Bank, in 2017, India still had about 190 million adults without even a bank account. Although India has made much progress in recent years, rural entrepreneurs still struggle to gain access to reliable sources of capital and financial services. Indian entrepreneurs therefore often rely on informal sources of credit, which puts them at a disadvantage in terms of costs and risks. Traditional banks are reluctant to do business with rural customers.

Namdev is trying to bridge that gap. Established in 2013, Namdev has become one of the leading non-bank financial players in northwest India. It provides access to credit to the most vulnerable section of the population for income generating activities.


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