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“Acme is one of the most prominent microfinance institutions in haiti.”

In Haiti the microfinance sector plays a vital role in the economic development of the fight against poverty. ACME has given proof of its enormous resilience and adaptability several times already. After the earthquake in 2010 it was the first institution to reopen loans as early as 15 days after the disaster. Time and time again, ACME’s priority lies with its clients in order to respond even better to their needs.

David Dewez

Regional director of Latin America and the Caribbean

I am a single mother. Together with my son I live in my own house. When I set up shop in 1997, ACME existed less than three months. I was so happy with their first microcredit! Those 6,000 gourdes (95 dollars) gave me the chance to buy a first stock of beautiful clothes and underwear. Little by little I extended my range of products. It took courage, but fortunately I mustered up the courage every time. ACME supported me every step of the way by granting me a bigger loan.


I like my job very much. Pleasant, open contacts with other people mean a lot to me. Between 2000 and 2002 I had to interrupt the repayment of my loans due to a change of address and activity. Now I run a second-hand clothes shop. In January 2017 I took out my most recent loan for 300,000 gourdes (4,700 dollars). I have been a client of ACME’s for over 20 years now, and I take pleasure in recommending them to other enterprising men and women.


Marie Gracianne, 61 years old

ACME S.A. was founded in 1997. The focus was on rendering financial services to the most vulnerable in Haiti. As a social and sustainable microfinance institution, ACME mainly focuses on microloans to small traders in rural areas. That is where the majority of the ACME branches are actually established.

Haiti is the poorest country in Latin America and it is extremely susceptible to hurricanes while the country’s infrastructure is not as good as in the neighbouring countries … Right from the start, ACME has given proof of its enormous resilience. It survived several climatic, political and economic shocks, including the earthquake in 2010 and hurricane Matthew in 2016.

Incofin cvso has been an investor since 2009 and currently holds 18 % of the shares. David Dewez, regional director of Latin America and the Caribbean, holds a seat on the board of directors of this institution. The first project of the Technical Assistance Department of Incofin cvso was with ACME, in 2012.

Key figures December 2016

  • Number of clients: 30.283
  • Loans portfolio: 17 million USD
  • Percentage of female clients: 70 %
  • Clients in rural areas: 41 %
  • Microloans: 75 %

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