1.         Legal information on the website manager

This website www.incofincvso.be (hereinafter called the “website”) is managed by Incofin CVBA-SO, a Cooperative Private Limited Company with Social Purpose (in Dutch: ‘Coöperatieve Vennootschap met Beperkte Aansprakelijkheid met Sociaal Oogmerk’, in short: CVBA-SO), with registered office in 9000 Gent, Ravensteinstraat 1, Belgium (e-mail: info@incofin.com) and registered in Antwerp Register of Legal Entities under enterprise number 448.125.845, VAT number BE 0448.125.845, and bank account number [BE16890014292474] (hereinafter called “INCOFIN”)

2.         Disclaimer

2.1.      By visiting the INCOFIN website, the user agrees to the conditions of use set out below. This website, including any information, pictures, etc. having an  aesthetic, technical and/or other effect (hereinafter called the “Content”), is exclusively meant to provide you with general information on INCOFIN.

2.2.      If you are under 16, you are not allowed to visit this website unless you have the consent of and are supervised by a parent or guardian.

2.3.      INCOFIN has the right to modify the content or adjust it in any other way at its own discretion and without prior notification.

2.4.      If you have any doubts or questions about this information, you are kindly requested to contact INCOFIN info@incofincvso.be

3.         Intellectual Property Rights

3.1.      The user acknowledges that the information provided by INCOFIN on the website (i.e: the content) is and remains the exclusive property of ECOFIN and its information providers, and that this content is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights which belong to INCOFIN.

3.2.      It is forbidden to copy, adjust or change the website or part of it in any form an in any way whatsoever, without INCOFIN’s prior written consent.

3.3.      The user may not knowingly or unknowingly use any harmful software, damaging programs or files (e.g. a virus to visit the website, to distort the content, or to disrupt the services. You will act with the requisite care to prevent or avoid the above.

3.4.      The user may not disrupt, change or manipulate in any other way the website or its content, nor make public, reproduce, republish, transmit or distribute the website or its content without INCOFIN’s prior written consent. By way of exception, the user may download, reproduce and print a private copy for his own non-commercial use.

4.         Liability

4.1.      INCOFIN assures that every possible effort is made and that every precaution is taken to ensure that the content and information on the website pertaining to INCOFIN and its activities are as correct, reliable and up-to-date as possible.

4.2.      INCOFIN regularly updates this website to the best of its abilities. Nevertheless, errors or omissions may occur. INCOFIN apologizes for this in advance, even when they are not personally responsible for it.

4.3.      INCOFIN guarantees in no way the correctness, completeness, appropriateness or up-to-datesness of the information that is made available, and INCOFIN is not liable for any decision or act by the user on the basis of the information made available. Under no circumstances can INCOFIN be held liable for any interruptions, failures in the operation or design errors on its website.

4.4.      INCOFIN disclaims any responsibility for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of this website or its content, except in case of intentional or grave fault of INCOFIN.

4.5.      INCOFIN does not guarantee nor does it wish to give the impression that the use of any information on this website is allowed in every jurisdiction or that the transactions, products, services or instruments that are discussed on the website are available in every location or that it is allowed to offer them. The users of this website are responsible for compliance with local laws and regulations.

4.6.      This website does not contain any offer to buy or sell securities or any other financial products or services, particularly in relation to act by persons in any jurisdiction where this is not allowed according to the local laws. This website does not aim to provide the user with investment advice or any other financial, fiscal or legal advice.

4.7.      The website may contain references (for instance though a hyperlink, banner or button) to other websites that may be interesting for the user. This reference is merely informative and INCOFIN is not responsible for the content or the possible use thereof. The fact that another website contains a link to our website does not imply that INCOFIN approves or recommends the products or services offered on this website. Nor does INCOFIN assess the correctness or reliability of the information made available on other websites.

4.8.      INCOFIN may make available to the user a selection of press reports pertaining to INCOFIN and its activities. Those press reports come from third parties and ECOFIN disclaims all responsibility for the content of those press reports, even when they are made available on its website.

4.9.      None of the above provisions in clause 4 aims to limit or exclude the liability of INCOFIN beyond the borders laid down by the applicable imperative legal stipulations, and those provisions must be interpreted in accordance with the applicable imperative legal stipulations.

5.         Processing of personal data

As entity responsible for data processing, INCOFIN, is allowed to collect your personal data and to process it for specific purposes. When processing your personal data, ECOFIN respects the applicable data protection regulations and more specifically the General Data Protection Regulation. You have the right to control the use of your personal information and to check for what purposes your data is processed. You can find all relevant information concerning the processing of your personal information in our privacy statement which you can consult through the following link: https://incofincvso.greenbird.be/privacybeleid/

6.         Cookies

This website uses a number of cookies as described in our cookie policy.

7.         Modifications to the conditions of use

INCOFIN reserves the right to modify, supplement or make any other adjustments to these Conditions of Use at its own discretion, at any time and without prior notification.

8.         Divisibility

8.1.      If any provision of these Conditions of Use is found to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions of these Conditions of Use shall remain in force and enforceable.

8.2.      The invalid provision shall be replaced by an equivalent provision that adequately reflects the original intention of the parties.

9.         Waiver of right

Any activity or behavior which contravenes these Conditions of Use or the failure by INCOFIN to enforce these provisions can never be seen as a waiver by INCOFIN of its rights under these Conditions of Use.

10.       Applicable law and jurisdiction

10.1.     By visiting this website you accept these Conditions of Use and the application of Belgian law.

10.2.     The courts and tribunals of the district of Brussels have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute that may arise within the framework of these Conditions of Use and/or this website, without prejudice to the consumers’ right to invoke the provisions of (EU) Regulation 1215/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 December 2012 on jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of court orders in civil and commercial matters.

11.       Contact us

For any of the above requests or for further information on this website, you can contact us by:

Post: Incofin, Sneeuwbeslaan 20, postbus 2, 2610 Wilrijk

E-mail: info@incofincvso.be

Telephone: 03 829 25 36