Financial results Q3 2018

December 17, 2018

As of 30 September 2018, the investment portfolio of Incofin CVSO amounts to EUR 84 million (+12%), mainly due to an increase in the loan portfolio to 50 credits (49 in 2017) to 42 partner institutions in 28 countries (25 in 2017). Both the subordinated debts and participation portfolio remain stable. We hope to achieve new shareholdings during 2019.

Thanks to investments made, 3.5 million micro-businesses have been supported globally; an increase of 0.3 million compared to the end of 2017.

The result after financial expenses and taxes after 9 months amounts to EUR 0.71 million. The result is in line with expectations. Although lower than the previous year, this is a normal result because in 2017, exceptional (one-off) added value was incorporated due to the sale of capital participations.